Relio - A' Design Award 2015 - Silver Medal

apr 2015  A' Design Award & Competition

We’ve been awarded a 2015 Silver Medal for product design in Lighting Fixtures category.This is a prestigious intl design contest, and only top-rated brands and designs are accepted. We will be featured in their annual Hard-book of winning designs, as well as in their web Hall of Fame. Relio will be exposed in their museum near Lake Como, Italy during Summer 2015.

Winner DIALux user competition 02-2015

feb 2016 DIALux

I won the contest "Dialux user competition". Contest organized by DIALux, company producing one of the most famous software for Lighting design. I presented a project of retail, which was most voted. The prize will be delivered at L+B 2016 DIALux stand.